ProShop Software

ProShop DrillSheets has a new Alpha version. Build 646. To install it, click on the setup file below to download it. Run it to install. For added safety, the setup file has been scanned by WebRoot SecureAnywhere Anti-Virus software and was found to be clean using their latest libraries.

To see what updates have been included and the state of other known issues and items, click on this README.TXT(v 0.0.646).

ProShop DrillSheets v0.0.646 Setup


ProShop DrillSheets has gone into Alpha for PC based systems. We are vigorously working on other platforms to meet the needs of other operating systems. Alpha is a milestone for software that allows select users to work in a limited fashion with the software. Users can make suggestions and can note any issues they may experience. The software is at a state where minor changes can possibly be made and any serious software issues can be addressed for future releases. Although we make every effort to minimize serious issues, we recommend that data entered be kept at a reasonably small size, as Alpha software may have some data integrity issues. That being said, with this release of ProShop DrillSheets, the data should be solid and recoverable as it is stored in .XML format.

Download this file, then unzip this file in your desired local directory(folder).

ProShop-DrillSheets v1.0.0.603